The New Trade Module On The Website Is Now Live

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The New Trade Module On The Website Is Now Live

Post by Big M Bob » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:50 pm

The trade module on the website is now live and any trade offers should be real ones now.

ALL TRADES FROM THIS POINT ON WILL BE FINALIZED IN THE TRADE MODULE - Even if a trade is negotiated and agreed to outside the trade module you must post the trade in the trade module with both sides agreeing to it. If a trade involves things such as options or conditions it should also be posted with those conditions in the AHL forum.

If you make a mistake and accept a trade in error let the other team know immediately and also let me know. I have the ability to delete a trade through the admin area.

When you have agreed to a trade please message me and let me know. Trades will still be manually processed at the appropriate time which sometimes will be right away and sometimes after I have processed the game scores or a time that the teams have agreed to.

When I have processed a trade and all the players, draft picks and cash have been moved you will see a green check mark under the approved column at the trade transactions area. This will be our trade history area moving forward.

If you still want to experiment with the trade module further message me and we can run some pretend offers and counteroffers and then I can delete them later.

If anybody has any questions please post them in this thread.

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