2018-19 1st Round Of The Playoffs

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Re: 2018-19 1st Round Of The Playoffs

Post by Big M Bob » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:30 am

Game 7 Friday March 1st

Shack Conference

Championship Playoffs

Canadian Gothic
Magically Delicious
Magically Delicious Won Series 4-1

Shoot Loose
Winning Combination
Winning Combination Won Series 4-2

Reject Cup Playoffs

Steelheads 4.0
Cheap Thieves 1.5
Steelheads Win Series 4-3

Red Ravens
Mustangs won Series 4-2

Williams Conference

Championship Playoffs

Shortstackers Won Series 4-1

Greaseballs 2.0
Swackers 4.5
Swackers Win Series 4-3

Reject Cup Playoffs

Scarborough Shooters
Scarborough Shooters Won Series 4-1

Screamin' Eagles
Eagles Won Series 4-2

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