Survivor Saturday Rules

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Survivor Saturday Rules

Post by Cheapthief » Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:05 am

Survivor Saturday Rules:

1st Prize: $500 (No Deals Allowed)


Games occur every Saturday night.

4 Divisions of 5 will tally the total team score on the evening. if there is a tiebreaker, we will use total goals first, then total points from OT Players.

The lowest scoring division must agree to vote off a member of the division. The team with the highest total on the night has immunity from the vote and cannot be voted for.

Votes must be submitted no later than 12pm EST on Friday.

Once a team is eliminated in week one, week two will tally the top four scores in every division and vote using the same process. If the division/tribe that only has four remaining teams finishes last again, they will be down to three teams, and week three will be a contest between the top three teams from each division, and so on.

When there are 15 teams remaining, the tribes will merge and be split into Eddie Shack versus Tiger Williams.

(If a division is down to just two teams by the time of the merge, then merge will happen early. For example, if the AHL East loses the first three weeks, then the merge would happen in week 4 rather than week 5.)

After the merge, the lowest scoring conference will vote off a team using the same procedure. The process will continue until there are ten teams left. if for example, one conference has nine remaining teams to six, then only the top six teams in each conference will count for the new tribes’ total.

At this point, the highest scoring team has immunity and cannot be voted out. All other teams can be voted out.

This process continues until there are only three survivors standing.

At this point, each of the three remaining owners can make a written case for why they deserve to be the Survivor Saturday champion. The seven other owners that made the merge will vote. The owner with the most votes, is your champion.

***If an owner fails to cast a vote by the deadline, then there vote is simply discarded***

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Re: Survivor Saturday Rules

Post by Cheapthief » Sun Oct 06, 2019 1:49 pm


Get your votes in by PMing SaturdaySurvivor anytime between now and Friday at 12pm EST.

For all other tribes, you must submit a team that will be sitting next week, and the same team cannot sit two weeks in a row. This can be done publicly here, on Slack, or letting me know anyway you choose. This has to be submitted by Friday at 12pm EST.

It is up to the team owner with the highest point total from the previous week to decide who sits. He can discuss that with the tribe, but he will be responsible for choosing and sending it in.

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Re: Survivor Saturday Rules

Post by SaturdaySurvivor » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:50 pm

Send a PM to this account. Do not put the name of the vote in the subject. Just in the body of the message so it can't be seen.

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Re: Survivor Saturday Rules

Post by Cheapthief » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:15 pm

An early look at Saturday Survivor Season II REDEMPTION ISLAND

Two tribes of 10 drawn at random with team captain of each tribe being the AHL Championship Finalists

After 5 weeks, the tribes will again be randomized into 3 tribes of 5

On week 8, the 7 tribes that were eliminated will face off and the highest scoring team on the night will return to the game. The tribe that they return to will be random

Merge to one tribe when there are 10 teams left

When there are 7 left in the game, once again the eliminated team since the last Redemption challenge will face off and the highest scoring team of the night will return to the game.

When down to 3, the jury will consist of 8 team owners who will vote for who they believe is most deserving.

Hidden immunity idols
Totally randomized, a tribe member (from each tribe) will be chosen to be eligible for an immunity idol they can use any time they think they are in trouble.
Once chosen, there will be a task that needs to be completed on a Saturday. The task will also be randomly chosen and will be one of:

Score a goal and an assist from your defense
Multiple defensemen get a point
Multiple forwards score a goal
OT player get two points
OT player scores a goal
Goalies allow 3 or less
Goalies allow 2 or less
5 players get a point
Must win their AHL game
Post a final score of 3 or better
Post a final score of 2 or better
Post a final score of 1 or better

A player must declare if he is using an idol when they cast their votes. If they aren't using the idol, they do not have to reveal that they have one. They may transfer the idol to another tribe member, or play the idol for someone other than themselves. An outside the pool source will choose tribe members at random and the task at random. Only the tribe member eligible to win the idol will know they have this opportunity and what the task is.

Anyone who wins an idol can share that information if they choose to, with anyone they choose to, but they don't have to.

When an idol is played, all votes against that tribe member do not count.

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