Survivor Opening Statements

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Survivor Opening Statements

Post by Cheapthief » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:18 pm

Our first opening statement is from Swackers and it is in video form: ...

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Re: Survivor Opening Statements

Post by Cheapthief » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:19 pm

Scarborough Shooters:

My Survivor Story
By the Scarborough Shooters

I want to thank you all for playing this game with me, making this experience a lot more entertaining.

When this game started, I came into it as a “loaner”. I didn’t have outside friends from the FCHL and I hadn’t been in the AHL for as many years as many of the players in this CRAZY game called Survivor. Coming into this game, I knew I would have Outwit, Outplay and Outlast and rely on my strong players to get me through.

Not long after the game had started, I was added to three alliances that Mustangs had started, but I also reached out to the Whalers to form an alliance with him. The Mustang alliances were a great idea and I knew as long as the Mustangs were in the game, I would have a “shield” because he was a loud player with enemies. Keeping him for a while benefited me, unfortunately for me that didn’t happen as he was the third person voted out. Working with Whalers was good, we were in two different tribes and we vowed to give each other information to ensure our safety. We have worked side by side since that day. There were times where we didn’t see eye to eye initially but most of the time, I was able to get him to play a little dirtier and see things my way and I got him to evict some of his closest “friends” in the game.

My Social Game

I believe this is one of my best qualities in the game. As soon as the game started, I reached out to my tribemates, the South (via private group) and set up our #SouthStrong alliance. I knew that if we worked together, we could get far. We had some lucky bounces along the way. We weren’t always the strongest tribe, but we were able to hold our own weekly, which forced other tribes to have to vote off members of their tribe. I believe doing that got people to talk to me and people trusted me. I rarely had to give up information, but always seemed to get it. I was able to move from to group to group and rarely had my name said at Tribal. I think the only time my name was said was by people who where being kicked off the island (2 times). That was credit to me getting along with people and people feeling comfortable with telling me things, that I could use against them as some point in the game.


There came a point in the game where things had to change. I was going along with the #SouthStrong alliance, but I knew that the PK Dealers had opinions that differed from mine. They wanted to get Whalers out and since we were in an alliance, I had to start campaigning to keep him and wanted to steer the game in a direction that would benefit me.


The tribal the week of November 16th, was a big move. There was a lot of talk about who to send home. Was it going to be a strong social player or a strong competitor. I knew the longer that the Big M’s were in the game, the harder it would be to have him kicked off the island.

The tribal the week of November 30th when PK Dealers were kicked off the island, I had to work with both the South and the North and convince enough people that he was a BIG threat to win the game.

Greaseballs being eliminated was another move that benefited me. He has a strong team, he would be a tough team to beat weekly and especially when it comes to the Final 3. He is loved by everyone, and as I mentioned before I came into this game with no true allegiance to anyone (FCHL or AHL).

The week of December 28th, was another tricky one. Ingmen has friends everywhere, he had to go. The best part about that elimination was that Magically Delicious said that he voted against the majority and made him an easy target the next week.

The next big move that I was a part of was the elimination of Puck Warfare. The week of January 20th, Whalers and I had some intense discussions about how we thought the game was going and the vote was either going to be Puck Warfare or Broadway. Ultimately it came down to Whalers and Shooters having a conversation and deciding to get Puck Warfare out.


When Magically Delicious got evicted, that is when I begun to get paranoid. I wouldn’t show my paranoia to anyone, but luckily, I had built the trust of those I aligned with to ensure my safety. At the end of the game Connor McDavid and the Shooters players came through for me to ensure my spot here, with winning the final two (maybe the most important) immunity challenges.

Closing Statements

I know I didn’t play the cleanest game, I had to get my hands dirty or I wouldn’t have made it this far. I didn’t lay down and just get carried to the finish, letting other people make moves knowing I am the weakest team and hope that they would take me (which we did). I was involved in almost every eviction. If you look at my votes to evict, every person but one were evicted. It just proves that I was involved in every vote and to be honest the last vote could have been different if Broadway hadn’t voted for Whalers.

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Re: Survivor Opening Statements

Post by Cheapthief » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:20 pm


When this game started, I was not interested to play it, and frankly was worried it would get cutthroat and people would take it personally. I shied away from those who came to me for alliances, saying I wasn’t interested in the game. I consider everyone in this league a friend who I would back up in any situation, and I would hope others feel same about me. Never want to do anything to offend or make someone feel bad.

Kind of person I am, I tried to always refer to team names in my votes to Daniel and on here, because that makes it easier for me to play this game, so I voted out Puck Warfare, not Jay. I hope no one ever takes anything personal. I feel like I already upset a few friends playing this game, and not happy I did it. Part of me wishes I was voted out early, that's just how I am. But I'm also very competitive.

The game started for me with 12 left. I was told that PK Dealers were on their way to knock me out, and then suddenly something in me changed. Suddenly, Survival instinct took over, and that’s when this game started for me. With no alliances until then, I fought hard to keep myself alive, week in, week out.
I did what I had to do to survive. I put a plan together for who I could trust and take to final.
Here is how the game went for me.

NOTE: If you don’t want to read the week by week details, skip to the summary!

Final 12- PK Dealers
Worked on alliances, kept myself alive, after a clear indication that I was a goner if I did nothing. I didn’t want the game to end! Got some help from teams like Ingmen, and wanted to repay any of those debts going forward.
Votes Against: 5, Whalers survive

Final 11- Eagles
To me, I knew I would be in a battle week in, week out to survive, and not having Eagles as an aligned voting partner meant bad news. That’s why I voted out a 'weak' hockey team.
Votes Against: None, had Immunity

Final 10- Greaseballs
When I knew PK was looking to vote me out in week 12, I put together votes to knock him out.
In that battle, I saw that Greaseballs didn’t vote with me against PK. At that point, I figured sooner or later it would be me or him, so when this opportunity came, I was ok to vote out Greaseballs.
I figured it was my chance to take out a high scoring team, and a competitor who was a Survivor fan and expert, who would be hard to play against as votes got tougher to get. I knew I needed to take out “leaders” who could get votes together against me or my alliances. Grease was a threat.
The trouble was the Ingmen were an ally of mine, and he thought I should keep Greaseballs alive. I tried explaining I couldn’t count on Greaseballs vote anymore. I tried to get Ingmen in my alliance, but he didn’t see eye to eye with me. I felt like I wouldn’t survive much longer as the “FCHL” had become a target, with me at the top and I realized with 10 left, each week was going to be a vote on the Whalers, so I could only go forward with teams clearly on my side and that I felt I had to make a move now. I wanted to repay Ingmens earlier help, but after this vote, Ingmen got upset with me and I knew I had a new team gunning for me the following week. It was a tough decision, and one I didn’t make lightly, but to win the game everyone told me to play, this is what I had to do. At this point I figured any week now I was a goner, but I would fight to Survive anyway. I had a feeling Greaseballs accepted it as part of the game, but Ingmen seemed genuinely upset with me. I hope not.
Votes Against: 3, I survive

Final 9- Wcombo
Went along with others' votes. Too good of a team that could easily mess up my goals by getting immunity in future weeks. Votes Against: None, I had Immunity.

Final 8- Ingmen
I knew Ingmen were against me after the Greaseballs vote, and he made no secret of trying to round up votes against me. Another “leader” looking to get me out, and me looking to Survive.
I think this is the closest I got to being voted out, and I needed help.
I worked on the votes, and I realized the only way I would survive here was by getting Swackers on my side, and to do that, I had to promise him I would get him to final 3. I promised it, because I heard Puck Warfare might now be going against me. I kept that promise, but I knew now I had an issue, to decide between Puck and Swack with 5 left.
It was here where I realized there were just a few with me, and those few I had to keep in the game.
Votes Against: 3. Whalers (barely) survive.

Final 7- Magic Delicious
No alliance between us and I knew he would go against me. I had heard he was already on wrong side of me week before. I needed another possible “leader” out.
Votes Against: 2. Whalers survive.

Final 6- Red Ravens
I had no alliance with him, and the final 5 I had alliances with. I took the final 5 that I had wanted to the last 5. My plan had worked. To my surprise, I had survived and somehow made final 5.
Votes Against: None, had immunity.

Final 5- Puck Warfare
This is where the game became so hard for me to play. I knew I had to turn on someone I had a firm alliance with...before they turned on me.
While I had made a promise to Puck Warfare to get to final 4 with him….to win the game, I knew I had to vote him out. It was either that, or tell the other 4 about my conflicting alliances, and let them vote me out, fall on my sword as it were. BUT…..I knew I was supposed to play this game hard and try to win, and so played to win.
Plus I thought Puck Warfare would be someone who would deserve votes at the end of this game, for all his hard work to survive, as opposed to others who didn’t play the game all that much. I would rather be up in a vote against a Swackers team than a Puck Warfare I figured.
And after hearing Puck Warfare was willing to be the tiebreaker against me in week 8, I was nervous about keeping him on board anyway.
Me taking out Puck Warfare, one of my oldest friends on here, and an "FCHL'er" shows I played no favourites, only to win game as I was told we were ALL supposed to do.
This, knocking out an old friend, should show the jury, who are all also friends who I had voted out earlier, that NOTHING I did in this game was personal. It was all the game.

Final 4- Broadway
Another absolutely gut-wrenching vote. And this would be the first time I voted out a team who wasn’t gunning for me. At this point, like with Puck Warfare, I was going to have to go against a one time ally. But Swackers was an equal ally like Broadway-Puck Warfare, and I had to choose a team.
I took Swackers+Shooters to final 3 to show that while I was def more "hated" than those 2, I Survived better than anyone. I thought Swackers deserved less votes than Broadway too, so that helped my decision.
While it was a hard decision, I realized with 10 left, all decisions were going to be hard, so everyone in final few votes would have something against me.
Whalers 1 vote against. Whalers survive.

Final 3-
I truly felt bad any time I "won" the votes, and someone else got kicked out.
But I tried to listen to everyone who kept saying its just a game, and to play it to win, like a poker game.
And I stuck with the final 5 and final 3 I planned, and I managed to survive and also take Shooters+Swackers to the final 3. Shooters and I was the first alliance I had, and we managed to take that alliance all the way to the end. We brought Swackers along to final 3.

No offense to my competitors, but I don’t think anyone played the game harder and better than I did.
Both of them were able to coast, never had to make tough decisions/alliances and were never targets in the game. I survived for 8 weeks while often being a #1 Target.
I think I did a good job of making the game play out as I wanted and playing to win.

In summary:
No team in this game had more votes against them then me.
No team in this game won more immunities.
I am the best team left in terms of AHL record, and clearly the most targeted team left of the 3. I did more work behind the scenes to survive and win and was never coasting in this game, like the others in this vote. I played the social game to win, and I had the best team in terms of hockey.

Anyone I voted out, I did it strictly to play the game, not for personal reasons. People went after me in the game, and I fought back in the game…that’s all. My oldest friend, my newest friend, it didnt matter. I just played a game.

If you add up all the votes against me during the game, I had more votes against me trying to kick me out of survivor, than anyone who eventually got voted off! Each week, I had votes against me, unless I had immunity.

Founder of this game said, vote should be based on:
1. Best Team (hard to argue its not the Whalers based on stats)
2. Best Social Game (hard to argue I wasn’t the most active, most threatened and best at Surviving)

I would humbly argue, if you can take out any personal issues, it’s a clear vote for me
If the name of this game is SURVIVOR….then the Whalers clearly had the most threats against them, and survived.

Thank you for your consideration, well played to all, and I’m open to any questions!

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